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PINIMAGEThe Week…in Mobile

1. A beautiful welcome home rainbow… It wasn’t a double though…WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!!!

2. We love seeing our work in print… Amy holds one of our  beautiful bridal portraits..

3. Homemade Shrimp Caprese by candlelight with my wonderful family=great idea.

4. “Hi my name is David, and I have a mustache.”  I always do this.. the transition from beard to no beard always takes a stop at mustache. Then Amy sees it and says “EWWWW!!!” and I go shave. I don’t get it…Tom Selleck? Sam Elliot? Kevin Raycroft? How do they do it?!!

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Okay.. mostly all of us these days have a mobile phone that has a pretty decent camera on it. We carry these things around everywhere and see some pretty cool things and say…”oh! I wish I had my camera!!!” or experience a really cool moment and think… “I wish I could freeze time and stay here….”  I must admit, I am guilty of the same. I am guilty of not ALWAYS carrying a big honk’n, expensive DSLR  around.  However, whether I like it or not, I always have my cell phone, and at the very least, I am mindful to snap away with it when the opportunity arises.  Sure, they aren’t GREAT quality, but  I think taking a picture does kind of freeze that moment and you can look back on it days, months or years later and be reminded of it… whether it be a beautiful sunset, or a great time/feeling you’re having with good friends… Next time you are having a good time or just see something you think is awesome, pull that phone out and get a pic… you’ll be happy you did.

“The Week In Mobile” is just shots we have taken during our week that we want to share with you. This first post is more like a few weeks in mobile but you get the idea. More to come! Have a great day!



1. Downtown Aiken, SC..I was trying to walk off an extremely stout beer..an hour of browsing at an Antique store did the trick…

2. Amy and her sister=Great lunch company… visiting them in Aiken, SC.

3. From Aiken to Emerald Isle. My brother took us Kayak fishing several times. We had some really good times on the water.

4. Two knuckleheads… Me and my brother Nathan…

5. My girls love the beach.

6. Another kayaking excursion.. We had to carry/drag the yaks at low tide, then paddled them out at high tide.

7. Finally home… Our garden was busy while we were away. Cucmber anything anyone?!

8. The SC heat in full swing… it’s hard to blame the kids for not getting outside to play when the heat index is 100+. Advantage, Ipad…

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