A branch-and-cut algorithm for nonconvex quadratic programs by Vandenbussche D., Nemhauser G. L.

By Vandenbussche D., Nemhauser G. L.

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Cause’ here should be taken to mean that variation in the dependent variable is affected by variation in the independent variable. Those who smoke a lot are more likely than those who smoke less, who in turn are more likely than those who do not smoke at all, to contract a variety of diseases that are associated with smoking. Similarly, if we find that watching violence on television induces aggressive behaviour, we are not saying that only people who watch televised violence will behave aggressively, nor that only those people who behave aggressively watch violent television programmes.

In this imaginary investigation, the three criteria of causality are met, and therefore if we did find that the increase in the dependent variable was considerably greater for the experimental group than the control group we could have considerable confidence in saying that watching television violence caused greater aggression. First, a relationship is established by demonstrating that subjects watching television violence exhibited greater aggression than those who did not. Second, the combination of a control group and random assignment allows the possibility of the relationship being spurious to be eliminated, since other factors which may impinge on the two variables would apply equally to the two groups.

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