A Touch Of Sex by Mantak Chia

By Mantak Chia

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With the other fondle BL60 and KD3. yes, but just one of many. Hold for long enough to feel it, rhythmically rocking and rubbing. 35 ST21 On the route of the Nine Flowers loving down to Heaven, very comforting: helps digest all the TLC ST25 Heavenly Axis awakens sensuality and opens the belly to pleasure LV14 Cyclic Gate just below the underswell of the breast just waiting to be rubbed. GB24 warms the ribs and softens feelings of anxiety or indecision. 36 Of course your Lover thinks you are giving them the massage but check out all your own sexy points you are covering with their feet.

CV1 subtle use as arousal point for both sexes, especially good for prolonging male orgasm. Clinical use helps with prevention and relief of prostate conditions. CV 8 SPIRIT’S PALACE GATE In the centre CV2 the most potent feminine arousal point and also quite effective for men GV 4 MING MEN DOOR OF LIFE the point where Life enters at the moment of conception. Powerful arousal point, also for male sexual stamina. Usefuil for relief of post-coital lower back pain. GV2 VALLEY OF DELIGHT arousal point 28 Your leg presses against CV1 and GV2 while your Lover’s buttock touches your CV2.

39 GV17 JADE PILLOW, where the impulse of passion flows into the brain, loving and rejuvenating and coursing through the cranial ocean to open the mid-eye. YIN TANG Very special point that opens the Third Eye as a portal to the world of Spirit. When Lovers gaze into each other’s eyes, they can see into each other’s soul through this gateway. 40 Connecting these two points creates a vortex of energy whirling through the brain. This is a magical connection: the point in the Giver’s palm, HP8, is an extension of the Heart chakra and can be used to convey the wave of love which then flows through the energy channels and floods the whole being.

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