Ancient Earthquakes by Manuel Sintubin, Iain S. Stewart, Tina M. Niemi, Erhan

By Manuel Sintubin, Iain S. Stewart, Tina M. Niemi, Erhan Altunel

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Characterization and Behavior of Interfaces: Proceedings of Research Symposium on Characterization and Behavior of Interfaces, 21 September 2008, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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5975, p. 1184944. , 1997, The Storegga tsunami along the Norwegian coast, its age and runup: Boreas, v. 26, p. 29–53. , 1995, The first australopithecine 2,500 kilometres west of the Rift Valley (Chad): Nature, v. 378, p. 1038/378273a0. , 1996, The African plate: South African Journal of Geology, v. 99, no. 4, p. 341–409. , 1989, Climatic change and the appearance of Australopithecus africanus in the Makapansgat sediments: Journal of Human Evolution, v. 18, no. 2, p. 1016/0047-2484(89)90065-1. , 1964, The climate, environment and industries of Stone Age Greece, Part I: Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, v.

This is certainly a contributing factor to the topography of the areas we have described in South Africa, where the rock formations are metamorphosed and Dynamic landscapes and human evolution mostly were formed earlier than the Cenozoic (Hartzer, 1998). These rocks are very hard and resistant to erosion, and they tend to maintain vertical cliffs and fissures rather than degrading to the rounded and flattened features that result from erosion of softer rock formations. There is, then, a continuum of topographic conditions.

Ancient sites of civilizations (using a looser definition to allow more cases) follow the same path (Carthage, Syracuse, Rome, Tarquinii-Veii, Corinth, Mycenae, and Knossos-Phaistos). This relation itself looks persuasive, but an additional quantitative test would complement it. We can compare distances of tectonic boundaries versus seashores (of the time, where this is known) for the 11 originating sites of Figure 1. 48 times greater than the tectonic-boundary distance, implying a probability of random distribution that is very small but ~75 times greater than that for tectonic boundaries.

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