Bridging Time Scales - Molecular Simuls for the Next Decade by P. Nielaba, et al.,

By P. Nielaba, et al.,

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Submarine attack plan 45 Chapter 6. Defense and escape tactics-Smoke screens 45 CHAPTER 1. GENERAL 3101. It must be thoroughly understood that the attack plans outlined herein are primarily type plans which are intended to serve only as a guide. No multitude of written plans can replace initiative, resourcefulness, and good judgment which every motor torpedo boat officer must exercise in planning and launching an attack. 3102. In planning and developing an attack it is imperative that the attack commander have a thorough knowledge of the boats which he commands, their strong points and weaknesses, their possibilities and limitations.

CHAPTER 5. TACTICAL SIGNALS 2501 (a). -Hand and arm signals are provided for the more important maneuvers in case of emergency, when flags are not readily available or are lost overboard. They serve as a rapid means of signalling when entering or leaving harbors or for rapid dispersion of boats from a small compact formation. htm (17 of 21)7/19/2006 16:41:36 MOTOR TORPEDO BOATS-PART 2 Arm signal Meaning Remarks Arm held vertically upward, palm aft. Slow and open up or I am decreasing Hold arm in position until speed.

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