Control of Machines by Brijinder Singh

By Brijinder Singh

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The contact material used is silver alloy so as to avoid welding tendency of pure silver. Some of the common alloys used are: — Silver Nickel — Silver Cadmium Oxide — Silver Tin Oxide Silver Nickel is good for contactors of lower ratings upto about 100 A. For higher size of contactors, silver cadmium oxide is used as it has superior anti-weld property. The latest innovation is the use of Silver Tin Oxide (AgSnO2) for contactors of higher ratings. Notable advantages of Silver Tin Oxide are: • Erosion of contacts is very less • No toxic effect because of absence of cadmium.

Contact C will not actuate in any position on right side. On further moving the lever to position 2 contact E will close and at position 3 contact F will close and so on. Similar action takes place when the operating lever is moved towards left side. At this point one may wonder as to why so many contacts are needed for forward reverse operation of a motor ! In fact, master controller contacts are used to get different speeds of the slip-ring motor used in cranes by cutting the rotor resistance in steps.

Pm5 16 17 CONTROL CIRCUIT COMPONENTS The pole face of the magnet are provided with shading coil. This creates an out of phase flux to hold the magnet closed during the zero points of alternating current thus preventing chatter of the contactor. For contactors of higher ratings where chattering noise is to be avoided, dc coil is used. The solenoid type of contactors shown in Fig. 6 (a) are used for small ratings. For higher ratings E type construction for the magnetic core is used. A contactor with E type magnetic core is shown in Fig.

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