Designing Asynchronous Circuits using NULL Convention Logic by Jia Di

By Jia Di

Designing Asynchronous Circuits utilizing NULL conference common sense (NCL) starts off with an advent to asynchronous (clockless) common sense ordinarily, after which specializes in delay-insensitive asynchronous common sense layout utilizing the NCL paradigm. The ebook information layout of input-complete and observable dual-rail and quad-rail combinational circuits, after which discusses implementation of sequential circuits, which require datapath suggestions. subsequent, throughput optimization innovations are awarded, together with pipelining, embedding registration, early of completion, and NULL cycle aid. therefore, low-power layout innovations, corresponding to wavefront steerage and Multi-Threshold CMOS (MTCMOS) for NCL, are mentioned. The e-book culminates with a accomplished layout instance of an optimized maximum universal Divisor circuit. Readers must have previous wisdom of simple good judgment layout techniques, equivalent to Boolean algebra and Karnaugh maps. After learning this e-book, readers must have a great realizing of the variations among asynchronous and synchronous circuits, and will be capable of layout arbitrary NCL circuits, optimized for region, throughput, and gear. desk of Contents: creation to Asynchronous common sense / review of NULL conference good judgment (NCL) / Combinational NCL Circuit layout / Sequential NCL Circuit layout / NCL Throughput Optimization / Low-Power NCL layout / accomplished NCL layout instance

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Fig. 9 shows the interface, ASM, and corresponding datapath for a Greatest Common Divisor circuit. The numerical inputs are two 8-bit unsigned numbers, A and B; the numerical output is the 8-bit Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) of A and B, Y . The circuit also has a reset and clk input and input/output handshaking signals, following the One Cycle Demand Driven Convention (OCDDC), as shown in Fig. 9(a). The OCDDC uses rqst and dat bits along with an input or output to ensure that the input/output is valid before loading/outputting the corresponding data.

5: Unobservable NCL XOR function. 6: Observable NCL XOR function. coverings. Since this design must be input-complete with respect to MR1 , the coverings should not eliminate MR1 from the corresponding product term; hence some of the coverings are 2-coverings instead of 4-coverings. The SOP equations are derived directly from the K-map coverings (as shown in Fig. 8). Since each product term contains MR1 , the circuit is input-complete with respect to MR1 . The equations can be partitioned into four sets of 4 variables as shown in Fig.

Steps 1 and 2 initially partition an NCL circuit into stages of primary components, where a primary component is defined as a component whose inputs only consist of the circuit’s inputs, or outputs of components that have already been added to a 44 CHAPTER 5. 1: Full-word completion. 2: Bit-wise completion. 2. EMBEDDED REGISTRATION 45 previous stage. , max_delay), utilizing both full-word and bit-wise completion strategies. Finally, Step 5 merges stages to reduce latency and area, as long as doing so does not decrease throughput.

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