Earthsea Cycle 03 - Farthest Shore by Ursula K. Le Guin

By Ursula K. Le Guin

A tender prince joins forces with a grasp wizard on a trip to find a reason and therapy for the lack of magic in Earthsea.

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Earthsea Cycle 03 - Farthest Shore

A tender prince joins forces with a grasp wizard on a trip to find a reason and therapy for the lack of magic in Earthsea.

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To let their acts rule my own? " Arren was silent, pondering this. Presently the mage said, speaking softly, "Do you see, Arren, how an act is not, as young men think, like a rock that one picks up and throws, and it hits or misses, and that's the end of it. When that rock is lifted, the earth is lighter; the hand that bears it heavier. When it is thrown, the circuits of the stars respond, and where it strikes or falls the universe is changed. On every act the balance of the whole depends. The winds and seas, the powers of water and earth and light, all that these do, and all that the beasts and green things do, is well done, and rightly done.

Everything was dusty, and festooned with ragged, dusty webs. Arren's legs were tangled in the webs, and they drifted across his mouth and nostrils, stopping his breath. And the worst horror of it was that he knew the high, ruined room was that hall where he had breakfasted with the Masters, in the Great House on Roke. He woke all in dismay, his heart pounding, his legs cramped against a thwart. He sat up, trying to get away from the evil dream. In the east there was not yet light, but a dilution of darkness.

This isn't... " "I know you can get to the- the place, you know, the wall. But it isn't there. " Hare shook his head. His handsome, ruined face was flushed; he glanced over at Arren often, including him, though he spoke only to Sparrowhawk. "Look: there are two kinds of men, aren't there? Our kind and the rest. The... the dragons and the others. People without power are only half-alive. They don't count. They don't know what they dream; they're afraid of the dark. But the others, the lords of men, aren't afraid to go into the dark.

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