Electronic Transformers and Circuits by R. Lee

By R. Lee

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A particular circuitry analysis will be carried out in the next section. Usually, the two-element RPC has a very narrow response frequency band, which is defined as the frequency width ∆f between the two half-power points. Assume the resonant L-C circuit has inductance L and capacitance C, and the load is a pure resistive load R. fm Page 21 Thursday, September 22, 2005 7:23 AM Multiple Energy-Storage Element Resonant Power Converters 21 The normalized impedance Z0 and quality factor Q is Z0 = Q= L C Z0 = R ω L 1 L /R = 0 = ω 0 CR C R The frequency band width ∆f is ∆f = f0 Q If the quality factor is large, the frequency band width is narrow.

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