Flame Hardening by Hans Wilh. Grönegress (auth.)

By Hans Wilh. Grönegress (auth.)

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Flame hardened stainless steel can be used to prevent wear as well as corrosion (see paragraph 42). lt is used with good results for low pressure stage turbine blades and for valve seats of superheated steam valves. Cutting and forming tools are often lined with sintered hard carbides to achieve best protection from wear. x ooo x 500 Such tools are very expensive as the l•'ig. 4 min1 machine. f/JllC to advantage. ' hardened: 67. Z4 fb/ru in. nl ol size and shape and exp:msrin (2o. 10~ inlin. •c (I)J.

Whereas the surface hardness only depends on the carbon content (see Fig. 35) and when flame hardening is properly applied is not influenced by the hardening method, the case depth can be varied by the composition of the material as weil as by the hardening method. When comparing düferent hardening methods the most advantageaus will be the one which will permit a wide variation in case depth with the simplest means. 51. Case depth depending on the material. The possible maximum case depth depends on the hardening characteristics of the steel and on the size of the workpiece.

This stress relieving makes it J20Ssible to harden without any distortion very lang parts like for instance draw bars for p1pe manufacture. More intricate bodies should also be stress relieved before hardening. This requires for plain carbon steels temper>l1ture~ of 500 oc (932 °F)_ to 60_0 oc (1112 °F). This can considerablv reduce the danger of hardenmg cracks and of diStortwn. Alloy steels. however, are usuatlv heat treated as only then can the alloys be fully utilized for the best strength qualities of the core.

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