Miracles - eyewitness to the miraculous by R. W. Schambach

By R. W. Schambach

An in depth account of the occasions surrounding the result of 'Brother R.W. Schambach's' evangelistic campaign paintings

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So, being an obedient servant, I shouted it again. I learned my lesson a long time ago. When the devil tells you not to do something, do it. And when he tells you to do something, don't do it. I said, "He has his bags packed. " I shouted it louder one more time. The devil said, "I know it. But don't say it so loud. " When Jesus died on Calvary and shed His blood, He paid the price. " But they didn't have Him! Jesus died on the cross, defeating sin and Satan. No one destroyed the kingdom of the devil like Jesus did!

Somehow we actually forgot about him. I went to my hotel. " It was the first time I had thought about the incident since it happened. The next night I returned to the tent. " The dead man was the first in line! I didn't recognize him. He was dressed up. " he replied. " "You walked through four rows of chairs to get to me," he answered. "Brother Schambach, I had my fifth heart attack in your tent last night. Doctors told me if I had one more heart attack, it would kill me. My body was there but my spirit was gone.

He told me that his family was visiting them. While the children were playing in the back yard, her cousin picked up a rusty nail and threw it. It was an accident, but it hit his daughter in the eye and shattered the eyeball. The doctors wanted to cut the eye out. " I wanted him to lay it on the line. "She wants you to come and bring that bottle of oil. " Kids have faith! "Well," I said, "I am thankful she wants me to come. I am her pastor. " I replied, "I am on my way. Don't let the doctors operate.

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