Monetary Politics: The Federal Reserve and the Politics of by John T. Woolley

By John T. Woolley

This can be the 1st e-book to explain and examine the relationships among the Federal Reserve and the president, Congress, bankers, and economists. faraway from being politically self sustaining, the Federal Reserve is proven to be delicate to a variety of political affects.

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This m o n e y , however, was, for a long time, received at the exchequer, by weight and not by tale. 50 BILATERAL TRADE ORIGIN AND USE OF MONEY T h e inconveniency and difficulty of weighing those metals with exactness gave occasion to the institution of coins, of which the stamp, covering entirely both sides of the piece and sometimes the edges t o o , was supposed to ascertain not only the fineness, but the weight of the metal. Such coins therefore, were received by tale as at present, without the trouble of weighing.

Wolowski, this a m o u n t of live stock and vegetables might have brought four thousand francs, which would have been good remuneration for five songs. In the Society Islands, however, pieces of money were very scarce; and as Mademoiselle could not consume any considerable portion of the receipts herself, it became necessary in the mean time to feed the pigs and poultry with the fruit. W h e n Mr. Wallace was travelling in the Malay Archipelago, he seems to have suffered rather from the scarcity than the superabundance of provisions.

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