Pilots Notes for Beaufighter VI, TFX, XI

Руководство для пилота самолетаBeaufighter.

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0c+_nt data can be verified with tube outlet and graphite informatidn, thereby providing a means of doublecheckln8 the temperature trends as they develop in various regions of the reactor. • ' 92. Can Beckman readings Answer: be used for control purposes? Although primarily designed for flux level monitori_, the chambers can be used to detect slight flux changes in the lower portions of the pile. In addition to top-to-bottcn control, a knowledge of individual chamber loc&tion provides another means of detecting flux and temperature trends in the lower sections of the pile.

_. will give front-to-rear flux i_ormatlon? At the present time, graphite thermocou_les are the only reliable source of front-_o-_ flux density information in the older reactors which can be used to determine whether a front or rear control rod should be used. Thermocouple locations should be sleeted to coincide with the outlet tube tesrperature sampling pattern and arranged on a work sheet for quick analysis of front-to-rear _rature distribution. For exmaple, the _ outlet ta_perature may indicate that rod with"drawal might be made in the top-near section of the pile.

Fr_ which small pile should the rod be withdrawn? Careful enalysts of the _te _ture pattern reveals that the top-near-front temperature is considerably less than other comparable front theraocouples about the reactor, whereas the temperature of the top-near-rear is among the highest in the entire reactor. Obviously, any rod removal from this region should be from the front small pile. " Why should tube outlet and graphite temperature be taken on work sheets when graphite temperatures are chart recorded and tube temperatures are given on a multiple-point recorder?

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