Principles of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Systems

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39 PRINCIPLES GASOLINE/DIESEL FUEL SYSTEMS - OD1620 - LESSON 1/TASK 2 FIGURE 28. FAST IDLE CAM OPERATION. (8) Choke Unloader. If for some reason the engine should flood when it is cold, a device is needed to open the choke so that air may be admitted to correct the condition. The device that accomplishes this is the choke unloader. The choke unloader usually consists of a projection from the fast idle can, which interacts with the throttle linkage. The operation is as follows: (a) As the throttle valve is fully opened, the projection on the throttle lever contacts the projection on the fast idle can.

The operating arm on the secondary throttle shaft operates through a spring, so that it will not interfere with primary throttle operation when the choke lockout is engaged. (b) Vacuum­operated secondary throttle valve(s) (figure 31) are actuated by a vacuum diaphragm whose vacuum source is the primary venturi. The principle of operation is that as engine speed increases, the vacuum in the primary venturi also increases causing the diaphragm to pull the secondary throttle valves open. There is linkage between the primary and secondary throttle valve(s) in relation to the primary throttle valves.

TYPICAL FOUR­BARREL CARBURETOR. (a) The intake manifold may be divided to separate consecutive cylinders. (b) The carburetor serves the engine better throughout the entire load and speed range. g. Updraft, Downdraft, and Sidedraft Carburetion (figure 34 on the following page). Carburetors may be built so that the airflow in the throat is downward, upward, or sideways, as shown in figure 34. h. Primer System. Some gasoline engines are fitted with a primer system to aid cold starting. The primer system consists of a hand pump that forces gasoline through a line to inject it at critical locations along the intake manifold.

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