Race and Curriculum: Music in Childhood Education by R. Gustafson

By R. Gustafson

This booklet specializes in the close to overall attrition of African American scholars from college track programmes and the travesty of democratic schooling that it symbolizes. Gustafson exhibits how knowing this heritage makes an area for switch with no resorting to the simplistic end that the universities and academics are racist.

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According to the profile, the consumptive was usually female, fair, sedentary, and sensitive, a person whose life habits of low exertion led to underinflation of the lungs and poor oxygenation. In the decades that followed the first public singing instruction, dozens of school songbooks appeared with lyrics reflecting popular images of consumptives as white, saintly, and frail. The phenotype in medical terms was also the romantic heroine, recognized through blushing, as, for example, in the song “A Maiden Fair” in The Cyclone of Song: “A rosy blush her cheeks did flush” (Leslie 1888, 46).

Rosy cheeks and coral lips . . that noble gait” (Charles White, cited in Gould 1996, 73–74) from those categorized as the contaminated degenerates around them. According to the literature and popular myths that took the Nordic or Teutonic type as the ideal, this was the only body type that could be worked on through self-discipline, shaped, and protected from contagion. Happiness, Facial Expression, and Ranked Merit There were also affective components to the charmed appearance. The typical victim of consumption lacked “gayety,” an indication that the disease was thought to visit the melancholy personality.

Is beginning to ally itself with our progressive energies and make our homes too beautiful for ruthless change. (Dwight 1852, 4) We can see that Dwight’s editorial registered the turmoil of the pre–Civil War decades, turmoil that was reflected in the active abolitionist circles and publications in the Boston of that time. Music, referring to the genteel concerts and recitals of musical groups performing in the city, was to be a bulwark against degeneracy. ” Put in these terms, the rhythm of fine music would halt the degeneration of individual, family, and nation, all of which are essential to democracy.

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