Radiation Toxicology: Bone Marrow and Leukaemia by Jolyon H Hendry, Brian I Lord

By Jolyon H Hendry, Brian I Lord

This article covers each damage to the bone marrow that may take place from high and low doses of ionising radiation - for instance, X-rays, gamma-rays and particularly harmful sorts of radiation equivalent to alpha-rays. The e-book offers with either clinical makes use of of radiation, for instance in radiotherapy and in conditioning regimens ahead of marrow transplantation within the remedy of leukaemia, and radiation from environmental and man-made resources. The e-book includes 10 professional chapters and a extra common bankruptcy within which the above fabric is summarised and offered in a sort aimed toward the well-educated lay reader.

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H. (1981) The radial distribution of fibroblastic colony forming cells in mouse femoral marrow, Biomedicine Express, 35, 119–22. 1 General Introduction Human radiation exposures to bone marrow span a wide range of dose from around 1 mSv y−1 from natural background radiation to several Sv in the case of medical irradiation for diagnostic or treatment purposes. Equally, these exposures cover the complete range of radiation type and quality, from medical X-rays and natural background -radiation to internally deposited natural -radionuclides and Auger emitters used in nuclear medicine.

In experimental studies, different types of radiation such as -particles and fission neutrons are shown to have a greater biological effect, or relative biological efficiency, compared with the same dose of - or X-rays. In practice, measured RBE values vary considerably depending on their end-point. Therefore, for radiation protection purposes a judgement of the RBE for -particles has been made, defined as the radiation weighting factor, wR, whose value is currently set at 20. For fission neutrons wR varies with energy but is set at 20 in the energy range > 100 keV to 2 MeV; wR for -rays, X-rays and -particles is defined as 1.

I. (1973) Stimulation of differentiation and proliferation of haemopoietic cells in vitro, J. Cellular Physiology, 82, 461–74. F. V. (1967) Stromal cell responsible for transferring the microenvironment of the haemopoietic tissue, Transplantation, 5, 74–80. I. P. (1968) Heterotopic transplants of bone marrow. Analysis of precursor cells for osteogenic and haemopoietic tissues, Transplantation, 6, 230–47. E. (1978) Genetically defined animals valuable in testing aging of erythroid and lymphoid stem cells and microenvironments.

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