RFID Security: A Lightweight Paradigm by Ahmed Khattab, Zahra Jeddi, Esmaeil Amini, Magdy Bayoumi

By Ahmed Khattab, Zahra Jeddi, Esmaeil Amini, Magdy Bayoumi

This ebook presents a accomplished therapy of protection within the generally followed, Radio Frequency identity (RFID) expertise. The authors current the elemental rules of RFID cryptography in a way available to a huge variety of readers, allowing them to enhance their RFID defense layout. This booklet additionally deals the reader a variety of attention-grabbing themes portraying the present state of the art in RFID know-how and the way it may be built-in with today’s web of items (IoT) imaginative and prescient. The authors describe a first-of-its-kind, light-weight symmetric authenticated encryption cipher known as Redundant Bit safety (RBS), which permits major, multi-faceted functionality advancements in comparison to current cryptosystems. This e-book is a must-read for an individual aiming to beat the limitations of functional implementation in RFID protection technologies.

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RFID Security: A Lightweight Paradigm

This booklet presents a finished therapy of defense within the commonly followed, Radio Frequency id (RFID) know-how. The authors current the basic rules of RFID cryptography in a way available to a extensive diversity of readers, allowing them to enhance their RFID safeguard layout.

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12a). Because of the onboard battery, active RFID tags can initiate communication and activate themselves regardless of the presence of a reader in their vicinity. However, active tags usually remain in a low power state until they detect the presence of an RF field being sent by a reader in order to conserve the battery. Whenever the tag leaves the vicinity of a reader, it returns back to the low power state again. Thanks to the equipped battery, active tags can cover longer ranges compared to other type of tags.

This server contains a database of tags’ information. The received data are stored and processed in the back-end server. The channels between the reader and the back-end database are wired links that are usually assumed to be secure. On the other hand, both the reader and the backend server are powerful enough to apply strong cryptographic protocols. On the contrary, the channels between the tags and the reader are wireless channels. The wireless communication is in danger of eavesdropping by adversaries which make it vulnerable to a variety of attacks.

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