The Offbeat King's Indian - Lesser Known Tries to Counter... by K. Panczyk, J. Ilczuk

By K. Panczyk, J. Ilczuk

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5 19 _&h6 B f7 20 f4 with a mcxlest plus for White. a4 16 fxe5 axb3 17 &xb3 Axe5 18 c5 19 £tf4 Jíd7 20 m 3 20 ÍLxc5 dxc5 21 Í\ I3 also lks awkward for Black. 46 5 &c/3 An interesting idea. £kr5, forcing the cxchange o f advantages, and our analysis shows that White W hite’s bishop, while thc text also serves to is, in fact, in the driving seat. gcncrally increase thc scopc o f the g7-bishop. g. ) 8 f4! b5 9 e5! £lg4? c3 and Black was alrcady in trouble in Krasenkow-Kaminski, Poland 1996.

Arlo 1968, is ecjual according to /iCO) 12 B h5 13 Wd2 h4 14 £>hl £>h5 saw a lot of knight moves in |akab-l lorvath, Budapest 1998, when 15 £U2 woulcl have led to a complicated position favourablc to White. V> II h5 $V5 12 ÍLg5 (12 ÍLc-3!? JsLil7 13 a4! Polgar, Pamplona 1990, and now 15 Ii6!? &I18 16 0-0 b5 is un­ clear) 13 Wd2 a4 14 0-0-0 Wa5 15 * b l b5 with an assessmcnt of unclear in l iCO. a6 ti 1) 10 0-0 b5P! g. 11 1)4!? 4hlxl7 12 a4! bxa4 13 Wxa4 &b7 14 áU l2 h5 15 S fc l, Yurtaev-Monin, St Petersburg 1997 with a similar lead for White to that scen in the main game.

Le5 V2-V¿s loncscu-Sofronic, Bucharest 2002. b) 9 J&c2. &xc2 10 Wxc2 &Mi5 11 Ae3 15 12 cxf5 gxf5 13 f4 Ad7 14 Hacl Wh4 with chances for both sides in Christianscn-Nunn, San Francisco 1995. It is worth not ing that 9 ÜLbl deserves attention, thc }x>int being to elimínate Black’s unruly knight with thc infe­ rior versión on c2. c) 9 n c5 10 £\xd4 cxd4 11 £\a4 sees White stari operations on ihe queenside. Ad7 12 b4 a5 was ihe continuation of Tunik Kempinski, Karvina 1994, 13 a3!? xa4 14 Wxa4 ÍV I7 looking nice for Black.

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