The Rebecca Code: Rommel's Spy in North Africa and Operation by Mark Simmons

By Mark Simmons

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Canaris accepted with enthusiasm and sped across country to take up his new appointment on 1 January 1935. Patzig had hated the job; showing Canaris around HQ he asked him if he knew what he was getting into, especially with the Nazis. ‘I’m an incurable optimist. ’ In fact Canaris was involved in two plots to depose Hitler in 1938 and 1939, and kept MI6 informed of the dangers the Nazis posed before the Munich Agreement. He may even have met with ‘C’ – Sir Stewart Menzies – when he was in Spain in December 1942 at Algeciras, with peace terms in mind should Hitler fall.

Eppler was sure someone was listening in on their conversation, perhaps even noting every word that was said, but he was not concerned. Rohde told him about the course he would attend in Germany, which would give him ‘the final polish for this profession, hard work is the only way. ’ He told Eppler to trust no one – even within his own department, because it was an organisation riven by ‘jealousy’, a dangerous enemy. ’ Eppler found this somewhat alarming. But the attraction to remain was overwhelming.

Or not caring. Sansom had to stop. Here was a lady in distress, a European. But more important to him it was the right action to take. ’ Sansom climbed out of the car and brushed off his clothes although there was no need. He was a dapper man. ’ Her eyes were startlingly clear blue. She shook her dark hair away from her face. She noted the lightweight suit and knew instantly the type, a colonial been here for years. ’ ‘No, other than being pregnant and suffering morning sickness. ’ ‘In this heat, which is deceptive in the mountains even early in the morning, maybe it was not wise.

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