Upwelling systems: evolution since the early Miocene by C. P. Summerhayes, W. L. Prell, K. C. Emeis

By C. P. Summerhayes, W. L. Prell, K. C. Emeis


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2. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3, wt%), terrigenous component (wt%) and mass accumulation rate (MAR, g cm -2 ka -t) versus age (ka) at ODP Site 568, northwest Africa (Tiedemann et al. 1989). Isotope stratigraphy from Sarnthein & Tied~ (1989). suggesting that interglacial productivity may be fed by fluvial discharge of nutrients during shortlived, but important, run-off maxima from the major rivers in the central Sahara. Examination of Fig. 1 indicates the strong dependence of the Stage-2 Corg flux on the MAR.

A theory of upwelling of large horizontal extent. Journal of Marine 9 Research, 16, 40-57. - - Can sediment geochemistry record changes in coastal upwelling palaeoproductivity? Evidence from northwest Africa and the Arabian Sea G R A H A M B. S H I M M I E L D Marine Geosciences Unit, Department o f Geology and Geophysics, University o f Edinburgh, West Mains Road, Edinburgh E H 9 3JW, U K Abstract: Thc causes and consequences of organic carbon (Corg) burial in sediments underlying regions of coastal upwclling are of profound importance to studies of palaeoceanography and palaeoclimatology alike.

SHIMMIELD Fig. 10. Age profiles of 61~O (%o, vs PDB) and Ba/AI (x 10 4) in Holes 724C, 722B and CD 17-30 in the northwest Arabian Sea. Note the extremely good agreement between the two records in Hole 722B and CD 17-30, and the scale change for Ba/A1. Isotope data from Zahn and Pedersen (1991), Murray & Prell (1991) and Shimmield et al. (1990), Ba/A1 data in CD 17-30 from Khan (1989). (fmeas) may be calculated and compared to the predicted flux (Fored) to give an indication of 9 9the vanabdxty (- A 230 - Thxs) m water column scavenging processes (Mangini & Diester-Haass 1983) or bottom sediment reworking (Cochran & Osmond 1976).

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