Urban transformations in the Balkans 1820-1920 : aspects of by Yerolympos, Alexandra Yerolympos

By Yerolympos, Alexandra Yerolympos

In her book
Urban differences in
the Balkans (1820-1920), points of
Balkan city making plans and the
Remaking of Thessaloniki
, Alexandra
Yerolympos attracts awareness to the
similar elements of the city remodeling
attempts within the diversified international locations of the

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7. 1975 (both in Greek). Free passage lIear tiIe walls of Thessalolliki. , :; ;,;. '. ~,-r;:,'}. 60 CHAPTER III After the Tanzimat Charter was proclaimed in 1839, four main laws were issued to regulate the making of the Ottoman cities". These planning regulations of 1848,1864, 1882 and finally of 1891 contain no specific reference or directive concerning the city walls. StilI some i~forma­ tion has come indirectly from other sources: Zeynep Celik in her book on the modernisation of Istanbul mentions the experimental redesign operations which were carried out in the suburb of Galata (Pera)".

Tashcv "l3ulgaria" in Gutkind (IY72), op. cit.. p. 67- 70. gnHl, Karnotlat, A)'los. Baltchik 18S3 Lovclch, Rauomir 1884 Chou men, Slanimacha, i'opovo 1885 Lom See Ivun Avramov, TOWII pia lin inc ill Bu/garin since Liberation (0 1944. Sofia 1987 (in Oulgariim) p. 22. 41. Ivan AVfllmOV (It)87). op. cit.. p. 17. 42. : ~cnt to me by the architects Thetis and Bojid;lf KadicC. CHAPTER II PIOl'div 1891. Plall byloseph Schnitter . ~ ... -.. '~u. g ........... " .... ~ •• NEW PLANNING IDEALS IN THE IlALKANS ~l~" ...

Thus a new way of life was supported, breaking with the strict religious-communal bonds, and helping the formation of new socio-professional groups moving freely within a renewed urban setting. But this was a process of slow, piecemeal transformations which excluded comprehensive planning schemes. Despite serious disfunctioning, Ottoman town planning of the time strove simply to accomodate new needs and activities within an archaic urban structure. A more radical remodelling did not yet seem possible The proof to that would be the significant decision of Kemal At~ turk, to transfer the capital of Modern Turkey from Istanbul to Ankara, early in the 1920s.

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