Have you ever heard of heavenfire? by David Alsobrook

By David Alsobrook

36 web page non secular pamphlet.

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Please do not ask me to explain all of this. I see only glimpses in the Word concerning God's dealings with His people in the future. " The "glory" refers to His people in whom He has invested Himself. Isaiah 4:5 is definitely one of those special promises to God's people in the end times; as well as a picture of future dealings in the millennium (as all of Isaiah 4 teaches). CHAPTER VI Experiences With the Fire Now that I have shared with you much of what the Scripture teaches about the "fire of blessing" I would like to add as supplementary to the Word of God several experiences I have heard from reliable sources, and my own experiences with the fire of God.

When we examine Matthew 3:11 and Luke 3:16 together in the original language, we see that John was speaking of one singular immersion into the Holy Spirit and fire. In fact, if you will notice, the King James Version italicizes the word "with" before fire in Matthew 3:11. " So we see he is not talking about two immersions, one into the Holy Spirit and another into fire, but one single experience of being immersed into the Holy Spirit and fire. " We see in Isaiah's case that he had been a true prophet for some years before his experience with the fire.

Jeremiah 23:29). Table of Contents The Fire of God. Jesus Came to Bring Fire. Tongues of Fire. God Answers By Fire. A Canopy of Fire. Experiences With the Fire. * y* ??

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