Ritalin: its use and abuse by Eileen Beal

By Eileen Beal

Describes the scientific makes use of of the prescription drug Ritalin, the issues awarded by means of overprescribing it, its power for abuse, and how one can hinder such abuse.

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Ritalin: its use and abuse

Describes the clinical makes use of of the prescription drug Ritalin, the issues offered by means of overprescribing it, its capability for abuse, and how you can hinder such abuse.

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You cannot control how much you use. You may feel weak or think that you do not have any willpower. 4. Addiction. You cannot function in your daily life without drugs. They become more important than anything else. As your addiction gets worse, you may feel as though there is nothing you can do to stop it. Is This Ritalin Abuse? Ritalin abuse can affect anyone, regardless of age, sex, race, or lifestyle. Are you abusing Ritalin? Is a friend?  Do you know someone who is abusing Ritalin? ; · You mix Ritalin with alcohol or drugs; · You use Ritalin after an argument or fight to relieve uncomfortable feelings; · You need to use more Ritalin to get the same effect you once got with smaller amounts; · You have problems at home, school, or work because of your Ritalin use; · You make promises to yourself, your parents, or your friends that you will stop using Ritalin, but you cannot keep those promises; · You feel alone, scared, miserable, depressed, or suicidal.

It was first invented around 1930. Back then, doctors used Ritalin to treat adults for narcolepsy, a sleep disorder. In 1937, scientists discovered that it could also be used to treat children with severely disruptive behavior and hyperactivity problems. Since the early 1960s, Ritalin has been used to treat ADD and ADHD. It has been the most commonly prescribed drug for these disorders since the early 1980s. Because Ritalin can help people with ADD and ADHD calm down, focus their attention, and concentrate on projects and tasks, it can improve performance at school.

On the Street Ritalin abuse is not a new phenomenon. Doctors were writing about Ritalin abuse in the early 1970s. However, their articles dealt mostly with adults abusing Ritalin by mixing it with other prescription drugs.  It's hard to say no, but remember, you need it for yourselfto manage your ADD or ADHD. Ritalin began to become popular with teens around 1990. In part, this is because it had begun to be prescribed more frequently for teens. 3 percent of twelfth-graders who used drugs had abused Ritalin.

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