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We h oped that the stations would be finished downloading in 30 minutes, and broadcast it simuhaneously. What ha'Ppened ? Radio DMWS in Kupang reported that it took them 6 hours to download Buletin Sore. Radio Nebula in Palu didri't finish ~ownl oa ding it until the middle of the night. So, there was no way that it could be broadcast simultaneously at of th o usands of far flung islands and, with its poor telecommunications infrastructure and low telephone density (as of 2006, only 4% of the population has fixed telephones), another solution was clearly needed for the radio network.

Vi e once recorded a speech given by Megawati Soekarnoputeri in 1999, before she gridlocked in the Jakarta traffic. Jakarta 'S appalling transport makes for a poor quality of life. So we want to offer a radio programme that will keep listeners company and help keep their spiri ts up. became president. During her speech, she wept as she talked Next, we developed Saga, an in-depth, comprehensi ve about Aceh. She said, "If Cut Nyak had been president, not one journalistic programme. " This sp eech was documentaries, never before tackled by radio stations in 52 Waves of Freedom Public Radio in Spirit 53 Indonesia.

R 'Pi/fllot baPe to be elected to be a woman. Syuaib is critical of presidential candid ate through p olitical partieJ. r something we ,/1 have to thi"k about: Megawati Soekarnoputri, who although a woman does not hal,illg people's represelltatil'eJ ill parliament and ill the le,giJ/atlire that sympathise with women. ~h polilical partieJ. That alJo "[Vome" aclil'istJ 1JJant a climax, thf)' lI)afit a ]lIOR/all mpresidential ca1/didate. ~eIIder eqlfi~)I, too. But ,Hega doem 't do that; ill fact sbe erw twds to disregard this ismc JOII/etimes, " Gatot Prihandono of the pro-democracy group, Masyarakat Profesional untuk Demokrasi, would like to have multi-ethnic representatives who are really familiar with the regions they represent.

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